Matthew Corrigan

Is a copwriter and author, buy his brilliant books. 

PEUGEOT 205 GTI - CORRIGAN AMBERLEY PUBLISHING £14.99 Covers the engineering and design features that made the 205 so special. Within a stylish design, it offered a variety of lively petrol and diesel engines while the suspension, with MacPherson struts at the front and torsion arms with trailing arms at the back, offered excellent ride and handling. Soon the first GTI version was produced with an eager free-revving 1600 engine. In 1986 a 1900 version was introduced. Drawing on his personal experience of driving a renovated Peugeot 205 GTI, Matthew Corrigan also provides advice on restoration, parts, and other ownership tips.


OSPREY -- Overhead System Producing Renewable Energy is an audacious scheme to harness high-altitude wind power. Is it a breakthrough in clean energy or a far-fetched fantasy designed to extort millions?

Set in recession-hit Manchester, Osprey is a brilliantly satirical novel that lifts a lid on everything from phone hacking to climate change hysteria. Topical, controversial and worryingly believable, OSPREY is a tale of panic, greed and people on the make.

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