The idiots that  run Car Spud recommend the following films which mostly have cars in them, but Mr. Milloy does like his boats…

Here’s a full Italian film that James Ruppert recommends without any idea about what’s going on but there is a fabulous amount of ‘70s car action. 

David Milloy insists that you should immerse yourself in the mid Atlantic and mid ‘70s action thriller which is all at sea. 

James Ruppert and David Milloy suggest that this film noir is worth it because it starts with Nic Cage and a Cadillac and just gets better when Dennis Hopper turns up in a Buick Riviera to shoot people.

James Ruppert reckons that 2 Days in the Valley is one of the bestest films ever made. It contains an E36 Cabriolet, some American cars and the best girl on girl footage ever captured, but then he is rather odd.

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